Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pregnancy, Aliens and Pirates...OH MY!

Well this is the baby at 14 weeks, which is where we are now. Suddenly, Im back to feeling pretty pukey in the morning and at night. I have been getting, what I lovingly call "the gags" every night. The toilet just grosses me out so much that I have to go outside and just dry heave until it passes. Its not so much fun...and Im really ready for it to be over.

My stomach just sorta popped out this week. I thought I was just piling on the pounds but I weighed myself and I lost a pound so it was just my uterus making itself known. I woke up yesterday morning and it was a hard ball...once I moved around it kinda softened up and sunk back in, but it was pretty cool...I made Will feel it. :) Well he felt it willingly :)

I have been able to nap lately, which is just fabulous news, if you know me at all. I have had, (another self created title) sleep anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have been diagnosed with anxiety before, but handle it really well now (knock on wood)...and am sure that one would say I have insomnia...but for it was just always this anxiety about sleeping. When I was little I was always terrified that I would be the last one awake and then...you know...I'd be awake alone (ok so at 26 years old, it doesn't sound that scary) and that alone would paralyze me in fear. I would lay awake for entire nights occasionally...now its just more of me stressing out about getting into bed early in case I can't fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep. Naps, oh naps just never ever happen...until now. So I am really excited about them. In fact, I look forward to them everyday.

Is it just me or is this election turning people into all levels of aliens? My father-in-law, (who secretly- or not so secretly loves a good debate haha) went nuts when he found out who Will was voting for. The bottom line is we are all adults and we all have rights asBut I just can't wait until next week. The decision will be made, (unless we have a tragic repeat of hanging chads and all that non-sense) and the people who normally aren't so hateful can put the hate into hibernation for at least 4 years...

Solomon is going to be a pirate for Halloween...or was a pirate already I suppose. He wore his costume for days on end, slept with his sword and could think of nothing else. Well Jen came over and was going to snap a few shots of him...but he was a total punk and wanted nothing to do with it. We convinced him to put it on but he was nothing near pleased to be in it...and these pictures of some of the best ones (well actually they are all that I have seen, but I'm imagining they are the best...oh he is just so darn cute!!!)


Jenna said...

Hahah aww so cute! Even in the midst of tears. :)

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Well, yeah for naps and blah to the gags. Solomon is THE CUTEST pirate ever. Did you make his costume? He even looks darling with a big sad face. Sorry about the aliens you are related to--well, only by marriage for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't toy with my emotions about re-thinking the whole moving thing. That would be the highlight of my year...or one of them at least. I love you and am sooo excited that you are prego.