Friday, July 16, 2010

Pleading For Daisy Love

Britt Merrick is a pastor in Southern California.  Many of his amazing God inspired words of encouragement were given to me at a time in my life where I needed it.  He and his wife Kate are going through something that I truly cannot imagine right now and you can read their story at PRAY FOR DAISY LOVE

I cannot understand the loss of a child.  I cannot understand how you can even get out of bed.  I know there are so many people who experience this kind of loss and my heart breaks at the thought alone.  I also cannot imagine what it is like to experience the kind of news, watch your child go through the kind of pain that Daisy is going through, knowing that as a parent, you can no longer protect her from anything.  It has to be the most awful kind of hurt...and I cannot imagine enduring it.  I am asking, begging, for prayers for sweet Daisy, her big brother and her parents, Britt and Kate.  May God be everything they need right now as they cling to Him in the desperate time. 

As people of this earth, I think we sometimes get choked by the things around us.  I can speak personally that my self pity and self absorption can at times almost overtake me.  Knowing that people all around us, all around the world are suffering on a level that I have never had to come close to knowing (and God forbid never will have to) is sobering, convicting and just is such an example to where we as humans can be in the midst of our deepest sorrows.

May all involved in this trying time cling to Him alone...

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mrs schneider said...

way to transform me into a blubbery mess, amber!

thank you for this sweet story of God's little girl. what a reminder of how faith in the One must be what sustains us.

this breaks my heart and makes me wonder what road josh and i will walk down with our children. i am thankful that all things truly do start and end in his hands.

i am praying.