Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Heart Is On You

I was laying in bed with Solomon and slipped my arm under him and wrapped the other arm around the top of him.  He squirmed out of my arms and said "Mommy, I just don't want to be touched when Im sleeping."

I sighed and said, "ok." 

"Whats wrong mommy?"

"Oh nothings wrong."  I got a little teary eyed.  "Its just hard for a mommy sometimes when their babies get bigger and its a little sad to know that some day, they wont need thier mommies as much any more."

"But mommy.  I will still love you.  My heart will always be on you."

My heart is more than full.


Corin said...

Oh now that would make me SOB! That is so so so precious. Being a mama is so very bittersweet.

mrs schneider said...

this...this is too sweet for words.
i can't imagine how your heart soared in this moment (: