Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I realize that I will be starting my SIXTH month in a week or so and I rarely talk about this baby girl. Is it odd that it still doesn't seem real? I mean, my stomach is getting bigger, and I tried to lay on my stomach and got a little mini kick in the gut from her, and I got to see a gorgeous picture of her, but for some reason, it is so hard to believe that it is really happening. Just this week I FINALLY got to start feeling her fluttering around in there. Its really different from my pregnancy with Solomon and I don't know why. I suppose every child is different? I think part of my apprehension to getting super excited is just our up coming move, not knowing where we are going to live, where I will deliver this baby and just all the uncertainties??? Maybe that's it.

It has been really exciting to start feeling her move. I will say, seeing her was quite amazing. It was like a rare form of torture though. They make you drink all that water right before and then poke and prode your bladder, I literally thought I was going to pee on the table!!! I was kinda rushing the lady through because I so desprately needed to use the bathroom!! I still got to enjoy many moments though. We got the sweetest shot of her little feet together, with every toe visible. When we were looking at her profile, she was rubbing her face and sucking with her little lips...that was my favorite part. I got really excited about nursing her!!! I cannot wait to start nursing again!!!

After we found out that she was a girl, we picked up Solomon (Sara watched him while we went...they didn't allow kids!!! boo hiss) and went to update our registry at Babies'R'Us. May I state that it was really difficult? I mean if you don't like pink flowers and you are having a girl, you are pretty much up a creek!!! Thats why, if you look at our registry you will see that pretty much everything is definately brown and green :)

How cute is this room decor???

And this is definately on of my favotire pieces ever!!!!
It's this amazing large canvas wall piece that I am really excited about using...espeically since our children will probably be sharing a room, and Solomon's name means peaceful and perhaps, just perhaps, this baby girls name might have something to do with love? 'S'all I'm sayin'
This weekend is Wills graduation, followed by a fabulous party :) And then the following weekend is our baby shower/going away party...which apparently all of my friends have decided NOT to come thats great...but I'm still looking forward to it...
Anyway...Solomon is vaccuming my head so I guess that means I have been online too long...haha


Corin said...

Oh I'm just so excited for you guys! Having our second one was much different than the first as well. Very sureal. The second one is way easier in my opinion though. The baby kind of just fits right into the routine you already have going. Not like the first when your whole world changes!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and also that I love that bedding!

Jen Beasley said...

Oooh that bedding is divine! Green is definately my favorite for babies!

Amber said...

Corin- I'm so glad you said just feels SO weird this time around. And I am so anxious to see what it feels like to have a second was SO life altering to have a first one and I;m looking forward to a smoother transition...

And yes!!! isn't the bedding FABULOUS!?!?!?! I LOVE it!!!