Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shiloh Selah Love

Shiloh is the best little thing on earth.  We had a rough start, but we really are falling more and more in love with each other each took 3 years, but Im fully seeing the promise that God made to me when I found out she was a girl unfolding before me at lightening speed.  I was so scared to have a little girl.  I just don't feel like "girl mom" material.  God promised me that the baby in my womb was perfectly hand picked for me....and that baby was going to teach me more than I could ever imagined.  I was so scared to be her mom.  But here I am, and Shiloh is a great teacher.  She is the best little buddy to hang out with.  She does everything with me.  She talks to me while I do my chores.  She helps me with everything!!  She is a rockstar at house hold chores. She can vacuum, put dishes away, clean and organize like no ones business...and can almost do laundry from start to finish.  She is also the electricity patrol....the other ady she got sent to time out and almost had a panic attack because she didn't turn her light off and electricity was just sitting there wasting away for 3 whole minutes.  Its kind of hysterical.  She is such a neat, to a fault...cough, me, cough.  She is SO funny.  The things that come out of her mouth crack me up.  She loves talking in what we like to call a Kardashian accent.  "Haaayyyy, Mommmmay....I Laaaveee  Yaaaaaou...ohhh kaaaaayyyy."  It is SO funny. The other day she said, "Mommy, Im so big now....I don't lick things anymore!!!  Just you, and me...and no more licking anything else.  That means I'm big."  Ahh, I remember the day when I stopped licking things...oh, no I don't.  She has the most wild fashion preferences...I love it.  Everyday I look forward to seeing the color and pattern explosion that she puts on.  She loves making "set up's"...which is basically taking tons of tiny things (cars, princesses, little people) and setting them up in a doll house or on the floor  Everything has a place (in her head) and they are always very strategically and thoughtfully arranged.  She loves to dance.  She loves cheese and yo-grit (yogurt).  She wants to be touched all of the time- hand held, face touched, legs touching when we are sitting.  She will let you stare into her eyes and smile lovingly at her for ages.  Its precious (and a little awkward haha).  She misses her California Gramma every day and talks about playing Barbies with her to almost everyone we see.  She loves doing crafts and wrapping fake presents for people.  The list goes on of all her funny little quirks and passions.  I just love getting to know her...and I love falling deeper in love with her every day.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing thing to read. Such a blessing to know there is such a love between a mother and a daughter. That's the way it's supposed to be. Even when doing the daily chores together, what a great opportunity for a mother to use to talk about how God is in everything. To point out the beauty of the colors that God gave us, even in the dirty laundry! A chance to show our thankful hearts for the clean hot water He gives us to wash our clothes with. We can even bring to a little ones attention how blessed we are to have the strength to carry things that might be considered heavy and to desire to become strong women of God and not be waah waahs. Spending time with our children, doing our daily, seemingly meaningless chores is one of the best ways to become close because it leaves so much time for conversation and pointing out how great our Heavenly Father is, in every area of life. The time spent will be well worth it, because it will be like a blink of an eye when they will be all grown up, having the same conversations with their children. And you will be able to remember back and have no regrets. Children are truly a blessing from the Lord and so are grandchildren!
Love, Mama

KelliAnn Christensen said...

What a beautiful post to read. I love the connection you and Shiloh have. Also, I wanted to mention that you look amazing, Amber. You are such a beautiful person. I haven't seen you in a long time, and I was struck again by your beauty in that picture. Also, I love the picture of Shiloh and the princess dresses in the background. What a cute idea.