Thursday, April 2, 2009

How Great Is Our God...

The last four days have been spent at sweet Solomon's side. He got the stomach flu and it has NOT been easy as his mother, watching it. Its seems trivial really. He vomited about 10 times on Monday. Tuesday he had a 103 fever with no throwing up or diarrhea. He didn't want to touch a toy, be in a lit room, watch any TV (which is EXTREMELY out of character...we have TV limits in our house and he pushes them EVERYDAY) or even move (also, extremely out of character). Wednesday was his weakest day. He had the worst diarrhea I hate to be gross, but it was like a force of nature I have never ever seen...and it was all water!!!! He couldn't get out of bed, or, brace yourself, its sad, even lift his little head. He slept for almost the entire day...and I had to carry him back and forth to the bathroom like 8 times at least. Yesterday evening he asked me for a waffle with peanut better, and while I knew it wouldn't be the easiest thing on his stomach, it had been days since he ate and I was willing to risk it. He ate the entire thing and drank some water...and right after that I started to see a little twinkle in his eyes. His fragile little voice started engaging me in conversation...I could tell we had reached a light in this tunnel. Today, he is still extremely weak...he can take a few wobbly steps but is still so stinking limp. He ate a few bites of waffle this morning, puked, and then ate a few more. He still has diarrhea and is definitely more of a grump than he has been in these past 4 days (which is a sign of improvement). I put him in the stroller for awhile and we walked. I cannot tell you (unless of course you live in somewhere that has all four seasons) what it is like to experience TRUE spring. The air is unlike ANYTHING I have ever breathed. The weather is AMAZING! I am so grateful. After our walk, we sat outside for a bit and painted. Here are some of my gorgeous sons shots.

Resembling somewhat of a grumpy little Andy Warhol

Um, do we LOVE the yellow aviators???? Yes, yes we do!!!

Deep in thought...what a masterpiece.

Solomon is currently napping and I am hoping and praying that this will all be over soon...

Which brings me to my heavy heart. Mckmama's blog is a place I have been frequenting lately for updates on little Stellan. Watching Solomon in pain, as minimal as a little ol' stomach flu, found me actually grateful. I knew it would pass. I knew he would be ok. I knew that soon, he would be his charming, stubborn wild little self...what a peace I had. What a sadness engulfed me, not even SLIGHTLY being able to fathom what Jennifer and the rest of Stellans family are going through. There are her posts where she is had it and she is pissed off (UH, RIGHTFULLY SO!!!!) but her theme is seeing the glory of the Lord rising around her. I don't know that I would ever be able to be in that place. She is a testament of the women God wants us all to be, of this I am sure...I am confident that she falls short on plenty of occasions, but what a witness to the fullness and faithfulness of the God of all that is. I am deeply grieved yet richly blessed by her current heart cried out to God, begging that He enact his will and offer strength for those to endure it...

How great is our everything.

(Side Note** Just started reading Death By Church: Rescuing Jesus From His Followers. By Mike Erre. should get it and read it...AWESOME! so far)


Elena said...

I read about this book. Tell me how you like it! I am really curious

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Poor Solomon. How heart-wrenching! I am glad he is over the worst of it. He makes such a cute little painter! And, Amber, you have quite the talent for finding these stories and people that pull at you until your eyes are leaking buckets.

Amber said... far it in AMAZING. Have you guys tried out Rock Harbor Church...I wish you would, for me...I think you would just lose your mind...and you should definately get Mike Erre's book...because he is one of the pastors there and my is so amazing.

KelliAnn- Thanks...I try to keep the world crying...;) not really...but finding people like these amazing women help me be a better wife/mother, so as heart wrenching as they are, I am grateful for them!