Friday, February 20, 2009


God said "Whatever you do for the least of these, you have done unto me..."

I highly urge you to visit THIS site...what an opportunity to serve.

May of you know, that I have spent a big part of my life in Uganda. It has been a life altering experience that I can never fact, I have never felt quite as "at home" anywhere else in the world. I have many current relationship with many "children" (who are now adults/nearing adulthood.) whos lives have been devastated by this wicked man. Joseph Kony and the LRA has been destroying lives for years and years. My heart is with these children and families that have been destroyed by them. I urge you to investigate this tragedy and become involved in anyway you can. Watch the video abotu this particular rescue or visit INVISIBLECHILDREN.COM to see what other ways you can get involved. Thanks for looking...I would love to hear your feedback as well...


Corin said...

Thank you SO much for this Amber. I have to be quick right now, but in a strange way, this was an answer to my prayers.

Pamela said...

Yes, thank you Amber. What an eye opener. I had no idea, absouletly NO idea anything like this was going on. I was drawn in by the video, I couldn't look away for even a second. I too will be praying for the invisible children and for Corin's profits to help them. Thanks for the education...I will pass it on.