Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uh, What Is This?

Solomon is in the most vile boy stage ever. Everything is "poop" and "butthole" related.  He eats boogers and is constantly sloshing spit around in his mouth!!!  He says he penis makes noise and burps?!?!?!  GROSS!!!  Today, I found a cup in the toilet.  WHo knows how on earth he snuck it up there or how much pee he drank!!! 

Well, I walked into my room and on my dark purple bedspread there is this fresh puddle of spit.

"Solomon...come here please."

"Yeah Mommy?"

"Uh, what is this?"

"Will you be mad Mommy?"

"Solomon I will be happy if you tell me the truth."

"Weeeellllllll...Shiloh climbed up on the bed, pooped there, and then climed down."

Shiloh, who cannot climb on anything, does not know how to remove her clothing, poop on my bed, dress herself and then climb down.

"Solomon, what really happened?"

"I spit on your bed."

NOOOOO REALLY????????????????


katie said...

I'm sorry but this made me laugh. Boys are gross and they go through gross phases but I almost expect that from boys. I'll be grossed out as much as you when Caleb hits that nasty phase.

PS- My word verification fits me quite well if I do say so myself.

Word Verification: nontan

Corin said...

LOL!!! Oh this is hilarious! Boys can be sooo gross! But I'm sorry, the penis talking and burping line takes the trophy for greatest line I've ever heard come from a toddler!

jennainthesky said...

I just laughed through this entire post! Haha omg I miss you guys! Solomon is hilarious. :)

Anonymous said...

wow!!! my nephew is almost as gross as his auntie. haha. jk. there is no blaming it on me anymore because i'm thousands of miles away.
Auntie April

Susan said...

oh my! i feel for you, sister. i really, really do. here's to hoping things get better - at least cleaner! - soon :)

KelliAnn Christensen said...

Yucky! Kaitlyn has been picking up some icky habits from her cousins lately, but nothing like this. What is it with boys??