Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Road Trip.

September 12, I decide I need to get out. We need to get out.

"Will...I wanna go somewhere!!!!" I beg.

"ok...lets go!"

I pack a bag, with enough clothes for all of us for 2 nights, race through the house cleaning and within an hour, we are on the road. Where are we going??? Who knows!!! We just headed east. We had a Tour Pennsylvania Magazine and we were set.

It wouldn't be a trip without starbucks soy milk for Solomon and boob milk for Shiloh haha.

It took us about 4 hours to arrive to Lancaster. We wanted to go to the massive corn maze but by the time we arrived, it had been rained out. It was a-ok though. We got a hotel and grabbed dinner at Panera. Will and Solomon wanted to swim in our hotel pool but we forgot swimming stuff. We stopped in at walmart and found some swim short for both of them on clearance for lik $1!!! Sweet! The boys went swimming and I nursed Shiloh and put her to bed. She was really over tired so she put up a fight...until finally, daddy came to the resuce with his magic touch and she was out.

The next morning we were "ready for our adventure!!!!" as Solomon kept saying. We had a plan. First of all, Lancaster is MAJOR Amish country. For those of you who know me, oh. my. gosh. I want to be Amish!!! So I was excited. We were going to take Solomon to a Train Museum and then take an Amish buggy ride. We were reallybummed because we were told that Thomas the Train (like a full size live Thomas that you can take a ride on) was going to be visiting the follow imagine our surprise when, out o nowhere, on our way to the museum, there is the BIG HUGE BLUE TRAIN puffing smoke out!!! I squealed and freaked because I was SO excited. We parked and took a bus back to the train station and $54 later we got to ride Thomas down the Satlzburg Railway!!! AHHH!!!! So fun!!

The Thomas adventure came to an end and that meant it was time for Will and I to go Amish stalking woohoo!!! it was so much fun. I was FREAKING out!!!!!

It was one of the greatest weekends ever. We had more fun than we had ever imagined. It was an unbelievable blast. Solomon is constantly asking if we can go on another "adventure" and I sure hope we can. It ignited something in Will and I that we had been missing...its so wonderful having your very own love, live with...forever...

for the record: I have been working on this post since 10/12!!! geeze!


Amber said...

Wow...that video of us is truely mortifying!!! Didnt realize that! haha

KelliAnn Christensen said...

What a fun trip! I can't believe you were so spontaneous and just up and left to find an adventure. I think it would be so interesting to visit an Amish community; however, after reading in Ina May's Guide to Childbirth how the women labor quietly with all of their heavy clothes on, I don't know if I'd actually want to be Amish. :) Sounds like you got to do lots of fun things, though. What great memories for Solomon.