Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is This Really Happening????

Shiloh starts to stir. I madly search for a binkie...its TOO early to nurse. I am SO tired.

From 3:50 to 5am.
Shiloh wakes up and/or gruts a million times ever other minute. (Please do not ask me WHY I didnt just nurse her and go back to sleep...I wanted to KEEP SLEEPING...that was as far as I could get!)

I give in. Get her out of bed. She smiles madly in love with me...sigh...I love you too little Love.

Projectile spit up in puddles, cover me and half of our bed. Yum. I frantically wake Will up and meaning yell at him for not getting up fast enough dangit!!! haha. He takes her and changes her. I just in the shower because I was covered in puke. I rip the sheets off the bed. Will lays her down on the sheet-less bed while I am searching for more sheets. She, THROUGH her diaper...nice. Poop. Puke. Its not even 6am.

Will GO SLEEP DOWNSTAIRS!!!!!!!!! We have no sheets on our bed and Shiloh is awake. He goes. I put Shiloh back to bed and curl up at the bottom of our bed where it isn't wet from being scrubbed down.

Run around like a maniac to get all 4 of us ready and out of the house.

Get adjusted and do my therapies.

Get to the Nature Reserve. I forgot where to turn. Shiloh screamed for a really long time. Solomon complained about wanting to go home the whole way there. The Water Play Day was a total bust! It was really disorganized and we really were disappointed.

Candice and I get a hairbrianed idea to go to lunch with our kids...BIG mistake. Shiloh screams. Candice and I take turns holding her so the other can eat. I scrape the skin off of Solomons toe while opening the door on it. Solomon refuses to eat his food. Jill drops her nuggets on the floor and gets her apple juice straw stuck inside of the box. Candice and I one (each) handedly solve that crisis. Sol and Jil decide they want to play. We let them...they both freak...Solomon is apparently terrified of the tunnels. angel as always.

Attempt taking a 10 minute drive to get Will from work. It takes 45 minutees because of road paving. Shiloh screams the ENTIRE time. The ugly, choking MASSIVE tear cry. Sol takes off his flip flops and throws them at her. He starts screaming too.

We get Will. He is annoyed that I went to lunch without him. HOORAY!!!!!!

get home...clean house...wash diapers...put all children to bed...husband goes back to work...I veg.

Lets pray for better days tomorrow.


Eli's Lids said...

Lunch after a disaster at a water park.
Rookie mistake.
Today after Eli and Cora fell asleep on the way home from the park I put them in bed THEN took off their sand filled shoes.
Rookie mistake too!

Corin said...

Bad days, I've seen my share lately! Three year old tantrums....EXORSIST. That's all I have to say.

I know it's hard, hang in there!

Amber said...

Kara Noel- (do you remember me from Rock Harbor??? I was looking on your website and found your blog...we did the aids walk...but now live iN PA:() Total rookie mistake...but I jsut didn't want to go home and get tortured AND be trapped hahaha... crack me up. I called WIll over to read it and he was alos hysterically laughing...totaly exorcist!!!! You need to blog about dakotas tantrums...I need some support here!!! haha

Justin and Jen said...

Fuuuuun :)

I want to make my blog private, so only people I choose can be on there. I feel violated haha. Anyways, what email address do you want me to send an invite too?

KelliAnn Christensen said...

I can't believe this was the same day you talked with me on the phone!! How did you not break down crying? You should have told me you'd call me tomorrow! I'm sorry it was so rough. It always does seem like if it's one thing, it's 50, doesn't it?